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Tom Goldenberg was born and raised in the New Haven area and both his parents were local public school teachers. Tom was raised in a multi-faith and diverse community which gave him an appreciation for people from all walks of life.

For the last several years, Tom has worked with other cities and states on issues that confront New Haven as challenges – education, housing, and economic development. 

Tom’s wife Dr. Jessica Holzer is the chair-elect of the Public Health Department of the University of New Haven, and they have a 5-year-old daughter, Ainsley. 

In New Haven, both Tom and Jess have been civically involved as residents. Tom serves on the Board of the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, an organization that works to address food and housing insecurity. He serves as a mentor for Collab, an organization that provides mentorship for minority entrepreneurs. Jess has been involved in several public health initiatives in New Haven and supported a gun violence prevention plan for the city. 

Having spent time in New Haven as a child, young adult, and now raising a family, Tom is passionate about the city and excited to apply his professional experience to better the lives of New Haven residents. 

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