Tom talks with New Haven Independent’s Paul Bass on potential Mayoral campaign

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Link to write-up in New Haven Independent by Paul Bass –

From the article:

So far Goldenberg has spoken most in campaign conversations about the state of public education in New Haven.

“I think New Haven currently faces a crisis of leadership,” he said.

“What do I mean by that? You look at education. You see that last year we had the worst chronic absenteeism in the state of Connecticut. Almost six out of eight students were chronically absent. Eight of 10 third-graders are below grade level for reading.

“What I would want to have is an administration that truly cares about and is hands on with public education. What do I mean by that? Showing teachers the respect that they deserve. Engaging with families and students… Ensuring that there is rigor and there is accountability, and transparency in district leadership.”

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